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Wedding Shoes




Sparkle and Pearl is an Online Bridal Accessories Boutique.

Our handpicked designers supply the dreamiest of bridal accessories for your wedding, we can't wait for you to fall in love with our gorgeous and extensive collection.


We have loads of amazing Bridal Accessories, Bridesmaids and Occasions Dresses to offer through our Online Boutique.

With Free Delivery and a huge selection of gorgeous bridal accessories, we can help you get your big day organised! Sparkle and Pearl xx

Adele Bridal Shoes - Perfect Bridal


Here at Sparkle & Pearl we are really conscious of the impact we have on the world around us. 

We are really happy to say that we are now off-setting our Carbon Footprint via our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain through sustainable tree planting projects across the world.

We also try our best to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily business practices:

  • We recycle over 95% of waste produced at our premises

  • All bums here are wiped with recycled or bamboo loo roll :)

  • We are switching to biodegradable/plant based/ renewable cleaning products where-ever possible

  • Our electricity is supplied by an 100% renewable energy supplier 

  • Our gas is supplied by a supplier who uses 76% renewable energy sources ( when we can find 100% we will take it)

  • We use paper or card based packaging for accessories/shoes/veils etc where-ever we can, we also have a bridal boutique in South Devon and re-use most of the packaging we receive products into the business.

Sparkle and Pearl is a Carbon Neutral Business


We have a physical shop  is located at 335 Torquay Road in Preston, Paignton called Pretty Smithy Bridal.

Our Boutique is for Wedding Dress Appointments, our online products will not necessarily be available to view at the shop.

You are on our online bridal accessories boutique - Sparkle & Pearl.

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